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Monday, 20 December 2021

quiz general knowledge questions with answers


quiz general knowledge questions with answers

  • Question: Why does water float on ice ?

  • Answer: The density of ice is less than the density of water, so the weight of water removed by some part of the ice becomes equal, so the ice floats on water.
  • Question: Why can’t the sound of a gun fired on the moon be heard even at a distance?
  • Answer: There is no atmosphere on the moon, sound goes from one place to another. Therefore, due to lack of medium on the moon, the sound of the gun cannot be heard even at a distance. quiz general knowledge questions with answers

gk questions with answers in english

  • Question: Why does a man’s weight on the moon be less than his weight on earth?
  • Answer: The attraction force of the moon is only 1/6 compared to the attraction force of the earth.Therefore, the weight of everything on Earth will be only 1/6 of the weight of the Earth on the Moon.Therefore, the weight of man will also be 1/6 of the weight of the earth on the moon.

  • Question : There is no atmosphere and water on the moon, why?
  • Answer : The square mean root velocity of the gas molecules on the moon is greater than the migration velocity, leaving it in the moon and moving into space.There is no water on the moon due to the absence of gases, because water is also made of gases.

quiz general knowledge questions with answers

  • Question : If the bottle water is completely filled with water and tightly braided, if it freezes on a cold night or in the freezer, then why does the bottle break?
  • Answer : The freezing point of water is 0 ° C, but when the water’s tenacity descends from 4 ° C to zero ° C.  its volume increases rather than decreases. Therefore, the volume of ice at zero degrees Celsius is greater than the volume of the same amount of water. When the water of the bottle freezes, its volume of water increases. As a result, the bottle bursts due to lack of space to accommodate the volume.quiz general knowledge questions with answers

common general knowledge questions and answers

  • Question : How do green trees change the structure of air and what is the benefit to humans?
  • Answer : During the day when the sunlight comes out, plants make food with the help of water and carbon dioxide, which is called photosynthesis or carbon assimilation. Exhales as much oxygen. Hence oxygen increases in the structure of air and carbure dioxide decreases through this process. This increased oxygen is available for humans to breathe. Oxygen is available for humans to breathe.quiz general knowledge questions with answers

  • Question : Wearing white clothes in summer is more beneficial, why?
  • Answer : White color is shining. So when the rays of the sun fall on it in summer, the surface returns the sunlight by radiation. Hence, white cloth remains cool. In comparison, clothes of other colors keep soaking up the heat of the sun. They do not live well in summer.
  • Question :Why does a diamond shine?
  • Answer : The critical angle of the hole is very small and the hole is made by cutting it so that when a ray of light enters the hole, its angle of incidence is larger than the critical angle. Therefore, there is complete reflection of light. Causing the diamond to look shiny.quiz general knowledge questions with answers
quiz questions and answers
  • Question : Why do some substances turn into gas directly on heating without coming to a liquid state?
  • Answer : There are some substances (such as camphor, iodine, ammonium) which upon heating increase the kinetic energy of their molecules at a very rapid velocity, which causes them to move very far, thus these substances move from solid to liquid state. They turn directly into gas without coming into it. This action is called sublimation or sedimentation.quiz general knowledge questions with answers

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